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Vestuy Industrial Company, registered under the registration number 205633, started its activity with designing and producing steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, hot water boilers, waste heat recovery boilers and coal fueled boilers and pressure vessels, storage tanks and steel tanks and industrial exchangers (chemical – refinery) and de-aerator, solar hot water tanks and implement CHP, HRSG and WHRB projects under the name Armin Bokhar which later changed to Vestuy Industry.

All productions of Vestuy Company are produced and inspected according to the DIN standard of Germany, the 855 and BS2790 standards of England, the API and SME standards of the USA and the 7911 and 4231 national standards of Iran. The company has the mandatory license for using the standard symbol from the Iranian National Standards Organization and also the license and license plate from the Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Company for manufacturing its products. The Quality Control of the company has provided the setting for supplying their products according to national and international standards by continuous inspections of the production process using proper equipment and experienced personnel.

Vestuy Industrial Company is the first and only company that has met the requirements of the international Integrated Management System (IMS) standard in relation to its activities in Asia.

ISO / TS 29001   *     ISO 9001   *    ISO 14001   *   OHSAS 18001

The company is also a member of the Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (S.I.P.I.E.M).

The designing and manufacturing of the company’s products in different capacities under international standards working in Iran and worldwide show the high quality of the company’s products and their ability to compete with similar products worldwide.

Educational Courses

Vestuy Industral Company works with personnel who are knowledgeable and experience in the field of production. In addition to using their abilities and knowledge for guiding the company’s policies, the company tries to increase the level of the personnel’s ability and use their facilities through implementing proper educational courses.

The company’s main educational programs

  • Teaching and implementing the basics of S5
  • Pressure vessels inspection courses based on ASME VIII
  • Designing storage banks based on ASME
  • Inspecting steam boilers and hot water boilers FireTube BS 2790 and Iran standards 7911 and 4231
  • Inspecting VT weld for welders and quality control authorities
  • The Submerged Arc Welding technique and troubleshooting
  • Basics of supervision
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) methods

Vestuy Industrial Company entered the field of steam, hot water and thermal oil boilers production in 1999 and after expanding production activities and recruiting efficient personnel, began producing storage tanks and pressure vessels in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

The boilers produced by the company have been used throughout the country and the company’s management has had an eye to the foreign markets in addition to national markets and related industries, and has been able to export its productions to countries like Venezuela, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the United Emirates, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In addition to common standards in the country, Vestuy Industrial Company is the first and only manufacturer of above products who has met the requirements for the international standard of Integrated Management System (IMS) is Asia as mentioned below:

ISO 9001: 2000

ISO 14001: 2004

OHSAS 18001: 1991

ISO/TS 29001: 2003

The main products and services of the organization

  • Fire Tube Boilers
  • Hot Water Boilers
  • Thermal Oil Boilers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Boilers
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
  • Implementing ‌heating plants and air conditioning projects
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Implementing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects


Vestuy Products are used in:

  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries, acid production companies and ….
  • Food industries, dairy companies and …
  • Agricultural industries, processing factories and …
  • Infrastructural industries, asphalt companies and …
  • Automobile manufacturing industries, tire manufacturing companies
  • Hospitals and manufacturers of hospital equipments
  • Towers and residential, office and commercial complexes
  • Recreation centers, pools and …

Strategic decision makings

Vestuy Company makes its strategic decisions in the production-related departments in alignment with the organization’s policy and with attention to researches performed regarding market price, competitors’ production level and market demand.

Technology and raw material

Vestuy products are manufactured and controlled using high-technology equipments (SAW welding). From the instance they enter the factory, raw material go through standard inspection in order to be delivered to the customer as complete products with quality licenses and complete reports of tests performed during various production in order to achieve the standard license plate. The quality of the product and the company’s after sales services result in the satisfaction and confidence of the consumer.

Close cooperation with Iranian National Standards Organization

The boilers are manufactured under the supervision and inspection of Iranian National Standards Organization based on nation standards 7911 and 4231 and BS2790 855. The manufacturing and quality control departments control all requirements for the standards for each boiler separately and present them to the inspector.

This cooperation is a two-way relationship and has resulted in many improvements in the company’s production methods and processes and inspection processes.

Human resources management

Vestuy’s educational system for human resources determines the education required for personnel twice a year based on the PR04 method for implementing education, the system’s work requirements and the management’s and personnel’s proposals. These educational requirements are implemented through educational programs and forecasted educational sources.

These educations are inspected and monitored, resulting in their improvement.

Personnel operation evaluation system

The evaluation of the personnel’s operation is performed by departments managers based on the PR23 implementation method, completed based on the FM120 form and review in the CFT team. The results are sent to the related departments.

OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety system

Vestuy company has achieved the DAS license from England by implementing the international OHSAS 18001 system. By committing to the standard requirements, the company is always committed to improving working conditions and reducing system vulnerability.

Quality management

Vestuy Company has met the requirements for the ISO 90001:2000 and ISO/TS 29001:2003 international quality management standards. These standards are noticeable in all of the organization’s managements system and eventually in the final product.

The 5S workplace organization system is used as the industrial housekeeping system in Vestuy company and all personnel and department managers are aware of its requirements and implement them. Implementing 5S and its educational requirements by Vestuy’s safety and health authorities is reviewed and improved based on the W120 instructions.

Customer satisfaction measurement (CSM)

The PR05 Customer satisfaction measurement methodology is implemented in Vestuy company and the commercial manager performs the required measurements with the help of the sales department co-workers and presents the results to the technical, quality, after sales services and R&D departments and review and present solutions at CFT meetings.

Market and customer management

Marketing and sales studies are performed as a single, defined and planned activity in the commercial department.

Suggestions system (SS)

This system is actively run in Vestuy and the company’s personnel present their suggestion in order to the company’s improvement and feel the results.

Voice of the customer (VOC)

Reviewing customer complaints and regular and planned customers and buyers polls are performed by the commercial department. The presentation of the results to the related departments results in changes in the products or the services.

Social responsibilities of the organization

With regards to the organization’s commitment to control and reduce environmental damages, Vestuy Company has been successful in meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001 certificate from England.

Every year environmental test are performed with regards to the production conditions and environmental parameters and their effects are measured and planning is done in order to control them.

The commercial department’s developments and exports make close relations with chambers of commerce in different countries. Based on the requirements and researches on their markets, the products are exported with proper after sales services. Vestuy company’s products are implemented and used in many countries such as Venezuela, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Iraq and the United Emirates.

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