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After 32 years of experience in the oil and gas industries (Taftan Gas Company), the managers of Vestuy Industrial Company started their activity in 2003 in the field of designing and building steam, thermal oil and hot water boilers, pressure vessels, storage and steel tanks and industrial exchangers (chemical – refinery). It is worth mentioning that in recent years, designing and manufacturing solar water heaters and executing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects and Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRB) and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HSRG) and coal fueled boilers have also been added to the company’s production and détente operations have been added to the production process. Examples of the mentioned cases are implemented and used inside and outside of the country.

All productions of Vestuy Company are produced and inspected according to the DIN standard of Germany, the 855 and BS2790 standards of England, the API and SME standards of the USA and the 7911 and 4231 national standards of Iran. The company has the mandatory license for using the standard symbol from the Iranian National Standards Organization and also the license and license plate from the Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Company for manufacturing its products. The Quality Control of the company has provided the setting for supplying their products according to national and international standards by continuous inspections of the production process using proper equipment and experienced personnel.

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