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Steam boilers

Fire Tube Boilers include long steel pipes. The hot gas produced in their furnace passes through these pipes and the water that has to convert to steam is running and circulating around them.

Steam boilers are used in food, medical and chemical industries, power plants, hospitals, hotels and many other industries. The company’s steam boilers are produced in capacities ranging from 500 kg steam per hour to several tons per hour.

It’s worth mentioning that Vestuy’s steam boilers are designed and produced as dry back up to the 1 ton capacity and wet back for higher capacities.


The construction system is designed and produced in two ways; dry back and wet back; according to standard bs-2790 of England and standard 4231 of Iran, for 10 bar work pressure and it is tested hydrostatically with 16.5 bar pressure. The type of these boilers is fire tube and three-pass.

Structural characteristics

All the steel material used in the shell, furnace and grates is according to standard 17 mn4 or a 516-gr 70. And all flame pipes between the two grates are in accordance to standard st 35.8.

All the parts of the boiler are welded by full automatic micro powder welding machines and special electrode 7018 is used finally, all the welded parts are controlled and non-destructive radiography and ultrasonic tests are performed. The boilers for survey and probable repairs have hand hole, man hole and mud whole hatches.

The standard of all the used flanges is PN 16. The design and construction of boilers doors (front – rear) are hinged and open-able and this way the probable repair of the boiler is easier.

The type of cement used is fondue of France and special refractory cement and for heat insulation of the boiler, insulation blankets are used and the boiler is covered finally with aluminum or steel sheets. Please note that our company having experienced and proficient personnel, upon customer’s request, is also capable to design and produce steam boilers with capacity over 10 tons and work pressure over 10 bar.

Steam Boiler Datasheet

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