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Storage tanks

Storage tanks are different reservoir and air tanks used for storing water and fuel and industry material in refineries, power plants, petrochemical and other industrial sites which are designed and manufactured based on the API 620 and API 650 standards.

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Pressure vessels is a container designed to perform a certain process under specific pressure. Construction of these tanks should be done with accuracy. Lack of precision in the welding, inaccuracy in choosing the right materials and … Will result to explosion of the tank. In fact, pressure vessels will act like a bomb and may be disastrous. The shape of most pressure vessels are cylindrical or spherical and the cylindrical form with hemispherical or elliptical or semi-hemispherical ends, can be produced and assembled. These tanks with workshop facilities according to relevant standards, after determination of the main parameters of the thickness, geometric and welding properties and specifying the material, can also be provided. Different controlling connectors are also improvised.

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