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In 2003 our company accessed that due to the needs of the society, it is necessary to establish the R&D department. This department was established at that date with membership of senior and middle managers and in the initial surveys, the plans offered by the personnel and managers of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRB) departments were considered as first priority and the preliminary researches were done in leading countries in this industry (Netherland, Finland and Denmark). Subsequently using the information received by the design department, the company performed the preliminary design and the first WHRB unit in Iran was implemented in 2008 and started operating in the Sarchechme Copper Project (defense industry). Meanwhile, the first small scale CHP unit in our country was designed and implemented in 2010 and operated in the projects of Penguin Plast, Mamut and Kempinski (Baku) Hotel. Afterwards, with completion of received data, our company was able to design and produce all types of CHP and WHRB units for different industries. We are proud to be the leading company in designing and manufacturing CHP and WHRB in Iran.

One of the other plans of the R&D department was the conversion of the production machinery of brake pads (which needs electric energy for cooking in its productions) from electrical system to hot oil system. Since the manumission of the price of energy carriers has result in exponential rise in the factories using electrical machinery, this kind of factories have been recognized as our target market. With applying changes for optimizing the reduction of energy consumption and significant reduction in electrical cost, checklists have been sent and required information have been received from the related companies and the mentioned capacities in the technical and engineering department have been converted to the thermal package system for providing required heat. If approved by the employer, the changes will be implemented. One of these factories was Jahan Tormoz factory which is operating successfully right now. All the drawings and calculations performed for similar machineries are available in our technical department and this has led the enrichment of knowledge within our enterprise. The case of Jahan Tormoz company shows that the electrical cost of brake pad pressing equipment is about 8 times higher than the gas cost for the replacement thermal oil system.

With the help of the hardworking engineers and personnel of the company, new plans are currently under evaluation and their results will be presented. Therefore, we welcome the suggestions and plans presented by real and legal people.

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