• Promotion of human life
  • Access to global markets
  • Optimal use of energy intake and energies found in nature, with emphasis on environmental preservation
  • Design and manufacturing the products used in implementation of thermal projects in a way that while raising the efficiency of consumed energy, conversion of the excess energy into electrical energy could be provided.
  • Emphasis on quality, safety and environmental protection in accordance with standards
  • Respect for humans and their rights
  • Continuous management and technical development and optimization
  • Maintaining assets within the complex
  • Maximum use of thermal losses
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Reducing energy consumption (natural gas) in the production unit
  • Recovery of waste heat of products used in thermal projects
  • Simultaneous production of electricity and heat from renewable energy
  • Extending the government’s incentive policies related to energy optimization in the society
  • Cutting the country’s dependence on importation of energy recycling machinery
  • Educate Efficient and trained professionals in the field of recycled energy
  • Create a cultural platform for recycling of non-renewable energy in the society


Due to importance of Prospect Plan and its effective role in strategy and roadmap of the company, hereby prospect plan, mission and overall goals that were developed by managers of Vestuy group are notified.

Managers and staff of the company are committed to the Prospect Plan and will exploit it as a framework to achieve the goals of the company in future.

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